The years go by…

IMG_1762.JPGA week of celebrations has just come to an end.

Asher has just turned 1! This year has flown by so quickly. We started the packing up process to move to Hong Kong when Asher was only weeks old and now he is a year. It was a different type of celebration here. He was born at the end of November when it was fairly chilly in the UK but, being in Hong Kong, we celebrated on a lovely warm day with a group of recovering addicts who have quickly become part of Asher’s family and some of his best friends. We had a small party with the brothers in our block and a few others from on site. As he was surrounded by his friends who are mostly grown up men, we decided to throw him a ‘little man’ party with a moustache theme. Although we had bought stick on moustaches for everyone to have a bit of fun with, Asher decided a chocolate moustache would be much more suitable for him at his age. He had a great day, but of course we missed being able to share it with our friends and family from home.


Asher’s birthday wasn’t the only celebration we were a part of. Fifty years ago was when Jackie decided to leave the comfort of her life in England to serve the poor. Fifty years ago Jackie arrived in Hong Kong. Fifty years ago the St Stephen’s journey began.

Here is an article in the newspaper about Jackie’s work in Hong Kong.

To mark the anniversary of working in Hong Kong for fifty years, St Stephens organised fifty hours of non-stop worship and amazing musicians from around the world flew in to celebrate with us. A huge tent was erected next to Kowloon walled city park (the site where the walled city used to stand) and people gathered to worship God together. A monsoon arrived on the Saturday night and cut out much of the sound system, but the people just sang louder and our spirits couldn’t be dampened.  It was a really special time and we felt privileged to be even just a small part of that journey. A group from St Stephens also performed a musical, retelling Jackie’s story from her book ‘Chasing the Dragon’, which was incredibly moving, especially to see the impact that serving the poor and those in need can have on their lives.



One thought on “The years go by…

  1. Looks like Asher had a great birthday! Love reading your blog and seeing the photos. Look forward to chatting this Sunday. Jules+Lin xx


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