Snippets of the last few months

It feels like such a long time since we last updated our blog (mainly because it has been). Everything in Hong Kong seems to be so busy and fast-paced and it’s easy to keep doing day to day things without finding time to stop and reflect. Most of our week is spent helping with quite an intense programme designed to gradually bring healing and release people from the bondage of addiction, but its so easy to get stuck in to doing ‘stuff’ that you don’t always notice the things that you’re learning or the ways that you are changing.

For both of us, the biggest thing that we are learning is how to love people more. When you look at the Bible, its obvious to see Jesus caring for everyone he meets, but particularly those in need and those on the edge of society. Living amongst the brothers here gives us the opportunity to practise loving people even when we don’t feel like it or they aren’t behaving in a ‘loveable’ way. We will often get it wrong, but the truth is that our hearts are changing to be able to care for these guys more and more. Seeing the brothers change as they are set free from addiction to drugs and receive healing for the roots of their addiction is very special. Living here, away from the comforts of our life in the UK is often hard and there have been times when we have thought ‘what are we doing?’, but seeing the faces of the brothers soften and become warmer as they are gradually healed is a constant and amazing reminder of what God is doing here (if only we would notice more often!).

Since we last blogged, we’ve celebrated Easter where we enjoyed a little piece of home with everyone in the congregation enjoying some hot cross buns- many for the first time ever! It was a great day with family visits for some of our brothers. Their families were able to come onto site and catch up with them since their last visits. They also get to share with their families how things have been here and how God has been working in their lives. One of our current brothers’ families were so amazed at the way he had changed that they all believed in Jesus.

There are many other festivals in Hong Kong that aren’t so familiar, many of them to worship idols or appease ‘ghosts’. Last month many people from Hong Kong celebrated Ching Ming festival, which is traditionally where the graves of the dead are swept clean and sacrifices burned. They believe that whatever is sacrificed will make its way to the after life with their ancestors so its not unusual to see flat screen tv’s, ipads and computers made out of card being sold and sacrificed. During these festivals, we often have more difficult situations with the brothers in our block and they tend to be a lot more

Recently, we’ve been reflecting on how we can continue to support Micah and Asher through the beginning of their education. Will continuing our training here in Hong Kong mean that it will be more difficult to find a pre-school that can meet their needs? The answer is yes. But the truth is we know that God called us out here and he has the means and ability to provide everything that we need.  So we’ve recently started to look around Kindergartens for Micah and are praying for and trusting God’s provision to find a place in the right kindergarten for him.

Thank you to everyone that has messaged us, prayed for us and/or sent goodies from the UK. We really appreciate it! This coming weekend is Joelle’s 30th birthday so we will try to post another blog soon.

We’ve had some trouble saving photos on our computer so we’ve just posted a few photos of the boys this time.



One thought on “Snippets of the last few months

  1. So good to hear your heartfelt comments and news J & J. Especially wonderful to hear of people coming to Christ from their former lives, and their families too. Belated happy birthday Joel! Lots of Love from all of us, A.Anne, Theresa, Catherine & Sam. xxxx


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