It seems that every time we write a new blog post it feels like it’s been such a long time since the last one. Since the last update, quite a lot has happened on site. There has been a lot of changes in the houses here with other helpers moving around and people leaving. Whilst changes like this can sometimes be uncomfortable, for the most part, things have been good. As per usual, there have been ups and downs but, in general, the last few months have been a good time of learning and growing for us.

In that time we’ve taken more responsibility in the house and learnt a lot more about how decisions are made and the input and organisation which goes into seeing the brothers develop and grow. On some levels, this is a very specific and unique environment but we can really see how what we are learning here could be transferred into other settings with different people.

We have been in the same house with the brothers since we arrived here and it has allowed us to see them go through some very significant changes in a relatively short space of time. There are such a variety of brothers that come through the doors here and we have learnt that having a range of different personalities and characters really is so valuable when living in community such as this. Each brother brings their own unique personality with them which gives us so many opportunities to understand a wide variety of people and the needs and difficulties that they have. We really value this opportunity to live in such a unique environment, with such amazing people who come here to change but also allows us the opportunity to learn and change also. Although there are challenges and difficulties at times, we really enjoy the highs and lows of this journey we have embarked on, so much so that we wish that all of our friends and family could be part of this and understand more about what God is doing here.

We are in an very exciting and busy time with Christmas only a few hours away. Although we really miss a lot of the Christmas familiarities we had in the UK, having a simple celebration allows us to be reminded of what Christmas is all about.  This time of year, celebrating with the brothers, can be such a joyful time but also can be difficult and lonely for many. Although we feel like a huge family, there are things and people that the brothers are reminded of and miss which can make this an emotional time in the house. Our main role in the house is to love and serve the brothers and so this is especially important at times like this. We are learning to love people in a way which can often be challenging but knowing the power of God’s love in their and our lives, enables us to see them like they are a member of our family.

We hope you all have a fantastic time over the festive period!

Happy Christmas from Hong Kong!

Joel, Joelle, Micah and Asher



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